What you need blue-light glasses for

Recently, there have been lots of talks about blue-light glasses, but what are they and why people need them?

What are blue-light glasses?

Blue-light glasses – or, more precisely, blue-light blocking glasses – are glasses which lenses block and limit exposure to blue light.

What is blue light?

You might wonder what blue light actually is and what makes you exposed to it. Actually, everything that surrounds us emits blue light: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers… even some light bulbs and sunshine! Constant exposure to blue light can damage your retina and lead to serious eyesight issues, and it simply makes your eyes very tired, gradually lowering their abilities.

What are the benefits of blue-light glasses?

  • They save your vision. Since they block – or limit your exposure to – the blue light, they make your eyes less vulnerable. It concerns not only the problem of your eyes straining too much when looking at the screen, but also eyesight impairment caused by damages in eye retina. When you wear blue-light glasses, your eyes can focus better, thus they feel less tired and more productive.
  • The prevent age-related eye problems. Long-term blue-light effect causes some problems that are only visible with age, hence cannot be treated in the moment of happening. Blu-light glasses will reduce this effect.
  • They improve your sleep. It has been proven that blue light exposure affects your sleeping patterns. That’s why it’s recommended to not use any gadgets at least 30 minutes before sleeping. Sometimes you really need to finish work project or answer some emails before going to sleep, and that’s where blue-light glasses should come into place.

There are only advantages to wearing blue-light glasses, so that’s definitely a necessary accessory. You can find blue-light glasses for adults and children on this page.

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January 15, 2021


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