Smartphones: how to protect and get the best out of them

Let’s face it: our smartphones have become an absolutely integral and irreplaceable part of our daily lives. One can’t imagine traveling, working and simply living day-to-day without a phone at hand at all times. We at Kukui Gaming Store closely follow a whole range of tech trends — smartphones included, of course. Here are a few simple suggestions on how to improve your user experience and get the best out of any mobile gadget.

A case is obviously the most necessary accessory when it comes to mobile devices. First of all, it’s a way to stand out among your fellow smartphone users and personalize your phone. Even if you have the same model as someone else, your case will make your gadget unique! Also, modern phones tend to cost quite a lot, and a protective case can save your purchase from scratches, falls and other mishaps. So, take a look at the selection of stylish phone cases we offer at

Next up is gaming! Even not that long ago the idea of mobile gaming being a fully independent and impressive industry seemed bizarre, but not anymore. Today’s iPhones and Android phones are amazing hardware-wise and can handle gorgeous graphics that aren’t that worse than what modern PCs and video game consoles can deliver. Of course, touchscreens make gaming on mobile phones different, so why not get a special gaming case for your gadget? Our web store sells mobile phone gamepads that turn a smartphone into a full-on gamepad, basically.

Also, don’t forget about VR! More and more phones these days have virtual reality capabilities, so a VR headset can open a whole new world of entertainment for you. If your smartphone is up-to-date, check out 3D VR glasses we’re selling to fully enjoy what mobile gaming can offer you.

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