No mess, no stress: how to manage your gaming space

If there are so many small things and papers on your desk that there is nowhere to put a mug, then it’s time to take emergency measures. Table clutter is distracting. It reduces your efficiency, and contributes to stress. Just a few helpful steps and accessories we describe in this article will bring you closer to your goal — a clean, organized and inspiring desk.

– Tidying up your desk starts with littering. There are people who love to throw out unnecessary pieces of paper, and there are those for whom this step will be the most difficult. Anyway, it is necessary to start with it. Take all food wrappers, outdated documents, irrelevant notes, broken office supplies and other unnecessary trifles and throw them into the trash.

– It may be difficult to keep in mind each piece of paper that should be thrown in the trash can. Just put a cute little trash can next to the table, and it will solve this problem.

– Take a skeptical look at everything that is left after cleaning. Put the things that you use every day on the tabletop, in an organizer, or in a nearby drawer. If you take something once a week or less, store such items in your closet or on the shelves.

– If you wear glasses, don’t throw them anywhere. It’s a fragile thing that can be easily broken. Always put them into a special glasses case to protect them from damage.

– Be careful and don’t spill drinks, as it could be fatal to your keyboard. If you prefer enjoying drinks while playing or working, use a stable ceramic mug.

– Clean your keyboard regularly. A multifunctional cleaning slime is a great solution for that task, especially if you often eat right at the computer.

Now you see that keeping your gaming space clean and tidy is not difficult at all!

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