How to choose a gaming keyboard

When it comes to PC gaming, keyboards are very important. Even though most of the process depends on the computer itself, there are many gaming elements that relate to the keyboard too. That’s why you need to consider many factors before buying a gaming keyboard.

Keyboard size

One of the things you need to consider is the keyboard size. First of all, it must fit on your desk easily and not get in the way of the mouse. Moreover, the keys should be within appropriate distance from each other, so that you could reach them comfortably with your fingers. And lastly, the size sometimes depends on the number of keys: standard keyboards comprise of 101 keys, but there are some of 105 keys that are more practical.

Key rollover / anti-ghosting

Key rollover is responsible for key response; it makes sure that the keys that you pressed are sent in the right order and without errors. Standard computer keyboards come with 1-2 key-rollover; that means, that if you press more keys at once, additional keys pressed won’t register, or unpressed keys will get registered. To avoid this problem of ghosting, you need to find a good gaming keyboard with 6 key-rollover.


Most – if not all – gaming keyboards come with backlit illumination. It’s caused not only by the need for good lighting or aesthetic reasons, but also for quicker key search. How does it work? With backlighting, the keyboard is divided into zones according to how often the keys are used; these zones are lit up in different colors, and it makes it easier to find the keys needed.

You also need to consider pricing and capacity for customization, but the three factors above are the most important. You can find high-quality gaming keyboards here.

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